Robert Alan Harley Forbes

A Woodturner

A little history....

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Rob grew up on the island of Oahu, and after several years spent in the Navy, he returned to Hawaii where he earned his bachelor’s degree in computer networking. Rob’s interest in woodworking began out of necessity. In 2012 he moved with his wife, two dogs, and a couple of suitcases to Maui. Unable to find furniture they liked, on the island, Rob decided to build it himself. Within a year he was taking custom orders from friends and family. 

He soon after began woodturning, which has become his primary focus. All of his wood is naturally felled wood from the Hawaiian Islands that would otherwise be left to rot or find itself turned into mulch. Working with woods including koa, mango, monkeypod, milo and Norfolk pine. Rob brings the wood to life with a high polished finish, using oils and waxes. All of his pieces are kiln dried and sealed to ensure their stability in any environment.